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    Services areas throughout South Florida include:

    • Palm Beach
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    Mold Testimonials

    "MoldBuster Pros response time was excellent. Their work was performed quickly and allowed us to finish the project ahead of schedule. I recommend MoldBuster Pros to others without hesitation."
    – Will, Roswell Road Holdings, LLC

    "I have used MoldBuster Pros on several projects because they are the best in the business. We pass clearance testing on the first go around which is important for us to be able to move on with the reconstruction."
    – Steve, Landis Building, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    "We have no more mold, no more green contamination. MoldBuster Pros was very thorough and explained every step of how our problem would be solved. They were efficient and communicated important details throughout the process."
    – Josh and Mary, Boca Raton, FL

    Mold Warranties

    • Fosters 40/51 (5 Year Warranty)
    • Fiberlock IAQ 6100 (10 Year Warranty)
    • Anabec (20 Year Warranty)
    • One Year Service Warrant
    • Third-Party Clearance Testing Guarantee
    • Contractor Pollution "Mold" Insurance
    • General Liability ($5,000,000.00)
    • Workers Compensation ($1,000,000.00)
    • Fleet (Auto) Coverage ($1,000,000.00)
    • Contractor Pollution Coverage (Professional Liability $1,000,000.00)

    Mold Remediation Service

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    When it comes to mold removal, otherwise known as mold remediation, you should always leave the job to the pros: the MoldBuster Pros! We're certified mold contractors who provide complete mold inspection, mold remediation and reconstruction services.

    MoldBuster Pros are Broward County's certified mold removal contractors for homes, schools and commercial properties. We have more than 30 years experience as one of South Florida's leading commercial and residential builders. The Miami Herald called us "Weston's Contracting Firm of Choice." Check out some of our commercial and residential construction projects.

    Most mold removal companies only do inspection and remediation services, leaving you searching for a contractor to do any repair work to restore your building to its original condition. MoldBuster Pros can do the total job from start to finish. We provide complete mold inspection, removal and total restoration of your property to its original condition: one call, one contract, one company. That's the hassle-free way to handle mold removal. We provide commercial and residential mold remediation solutions, including water damage repair, natural mold removal, carpet mold removal, basement mold removal, crawl space mold removal, roof mold removal, bathroom mold removal and attic mold removal.

    Residential Mold Removal

    Maintaining your home and protecting your family from avoidable disease are two good reasons to assess the potential impact of mold on your home. Many families wait until mold contamination is very high before acting to correct this problem. In most cases, an ounce of prevention can avoid untold expense left in the wake of unattended mold infestation.

    If mold is found in your home, there are two potential paths of remediation. The degree of contamination will determine which path is recommended. The remediation process can be either invasive or non-invasive. Non-invasive remediation is generally less involved, requiring minimal reconstruction and repairs following the process. Therefore, it is less expensive.

    Non-Invasive Remediation - This remediation process consists mostly of HEPA vacuuming, sanding, surface wiping and HEPA air filtering. Most building materials contaminated with surface mold (wood, glossy painted wood, glass, metal, ceramic, etc.) can be effectively decontaminated with this non-invasive process and pass third party environmental assessment and testing. The main cause of surface mold is the increase in relative humidity (Rh) inside the structure. In these cases, non-invasive remediation is generally the best option for your home.

    Invasive Remediation - This remediation process consists of removing and discarding porous building materials that cannot be decontaminated through non-invasive means. Moisture infiltration typically causes moisture to penetrate walls and generate mold inside wall cavities. Generally, this is caused by moisture entering your home's exterior envelope through compromised roofing or siding or through an interior water source, such as piping or faucets. Seepage, flooding and leaks create a tremendous mess for the homeowner. These problems result in severe material damage that many times requires some level of invasive remediation. From a cost perspective, the labor of invasive remediation is slightly more expensive, but what truly drives up the cost of this remediation is the reconstruction and repair necessary following the removal of mold damaged building materials.

    Commercial Mold Remediation Process

    • Evaluate the Property
    • Identify Problem Areas
    • Inspect Building Envelope
    • Evaluate Engineering Controls
    • Evaluate Mechanical System
    • Recommend IAQ Testing
    • Develop Remediation Protocol
    • Perform Remediation Services
    • Schedule Third Party Post Verification Testing